Managing Innovation

“Faster innovation is not about frenetic action. It’s about learning faster.”

What we can do for you

We assist enterprises and startups to reduce innovation risk and get to market faster

Innovation Practice

We facilitate the implementation of processes that make teams go faster and more scientific. Our focus is to reduce waste and create a lasting culture of experimentation to take a project from idea to scale.

Innovation Management

We design and customise a process for management to evaluate product teams based on innovation accounting. Teams are accountable while remaining agile - management has a tool to understand actual progress and success.

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Lean Innovation

Innovation is inevitably accompanied by uncertainty. A high degree of innovation means a lot of unknowns on the way to a new sustainable business model. Lean gives us the tools to systematically de-risk the process and manage all aspects of the innovation ecosystem.

“The only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else.” Eric Ries

Our team

Hing-Wah Kwok

Hing-Wah Kwok

Agile | Lean Innovation

Elijah T. Eilert

Elijah T. Eilert

Lean Startup | Lean Innovation

Stuart Austin

Stuart Austin

Lean UX | Design Thinking


What our happy customers say
Elijah's Lean Startup coaching has made a huge impact on how we apply Lean Startup methodologies at Microbric. Our experiments are faster, more rigorous and everyone on the team understands the process and the results. Elijah has kept us on track ensuring the Lean Startup methodology is applied correctly by documenting assumption and hypotheses and using Customer Development to validate or invalidate them. This process has saved a great deal of time and money...

Brenton O'Brien

Managing Director at Microbric

Hing-Wah provided exceptional senior leadership across the entire project. He strives for customer satisfaction and has a keen sense of understanding client problems and turning these into excellent creative solutions.

Shane Reschke

Technical Lead & Solutions Architect at Rheinmetall Electronics

Stu was resilient in the face of opposition to change and worked well with all levels of the organisation from the front line through to the board. At the design stage he was particularly insightful in achieving cut through and proposing simple, clear and effective ways to design and administer future services. He also worked to design a prototype of people-centred digital tools to enable the process.

Amanda Heyworth

Non Executive Director at Ingenia

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