Managing Innovation

“Faster innovation is not about frenetic action. It’s about learning faster.”

What we can do for you

We assist enterprises and startups to reduce innovation risk and get to market faster

Innovation Practice

Through workshops and coaching, we facilitate the implementation of processes that make teams go faster and more scientific. Our focus is to increase the effectiveness, customer centricity and accountability of your team. We instal a lasting culture of experimentation to take projects from idea to scale.

Innovation Management

Innovation Management is indeed about growth and ROI. We design a process for management to evaluate projects and teams based on real data to allocate resources most effectively. Changing the innovation ecosystem takes effort. Our experience will help you making it as seamless as possible.

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Lean Innovation

Build what customers want and avoid bad investments.

As innovation is characterised by a high degree of uncertainty, it needs to be approached differently from the traditional business planning approach. Lean Innovation is the answer to managing and succeeding in this environment.

Lean Innovation helps you to stay relevant and increase the odds of success in a world of constant disruption and uncertainty.

Understanding Innovation Accounting - a historic perspective

Traditional accounting and funding processes are no longer sufficient in dealing with today's fast changing environment. Innovation Accounting is a framework designed to generate and capture information about new ways to create, deliver and capture value in the most cost effective and quickest way.

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Our company assist organizations with their innovation practice, management and strategy.

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